“Many should benefit, instead of few that profit”

“I am fascinated by the impact of technology on people, organizations and society. The subjects of my lectures are therefore at the intersection of technological developments and human behavior. As a speaker and author I try to offer new perspectives on the future of work, organizing and developing. The strategist in me helps me to choose direction. In addition, I am involved in various projects in the field of societal and social innovation. ” – Peter Ros

Lecture examples:

Work & organising

Digitization and technology bring an abundance of possibilities. In addition, the internet offers a ‘free’ distribution network. Yet we often organize from old paradigms.

Questions that are central during these lectures: “How do we get rid of systems designed in information scarcity?” And “What are network effects and how do you use them?”

About doing more in less time, with more impact.

Future of education

Because the world is changing faster than ever, we need new perspectives. During this lecture Peter introduces courses such as:

  Who am I?
  Future studies
  Learn to learn

For everyone who wants to be stimulated about the future of education and development.

Tech 360º

Artificial intelligence, robotization, nanotechnology, biohacking, synthetic biology and more. These lectures on the impact of technology offer insight into the dizzying world of exponential technological developments. In addition, Peter shares his model to classify technologies on urgency.

Questions like: “Which technologies will have a great impact in the coming years?” And “How can we use them?” will be discussed. 

Peter lets you look at the world in a different way.
“A must for every organization that wants to look outside the box to the future, the present and itself!”

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